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Dogs: the 2024 Woof Year Calendar - 16.5x11.5 Inches

Dogs: the 2024 Woof Year Calendar - 16.5x11.5 Inches

Dive into a year filled with heartwarming moments and the undeniable charm of our four-legged friends. Our 2024 Stained Glass Mosaic Dog Calendar is an exquisite tribute to the beauty and grace of various dog breeds, each month featuring a high quality photo of a stunning stained glass mosaic portrait that captures their unique character and spirit.

Key Features:

📅 Generous Size: Measuring 16.5x11.5 inches (42x29 cm)

🌟 Premium Quality: Printed on premium glossy paper

🎨 12 Months of Canine Artistry: Enjoy a full year of breathtaking stained glass mosaic artwork photos

📜 Personal Insights: Gain a deeper understanding of each featured breed

🖼️ Art to Treasure: Once the calendar year is over, you can easily frame and display these mosaic portraits as beautiful wall art.

🌀 Convenient Spiral-Bound Design: Hanging your calendar is a breeze thanks to its spiral-bound design.

Breeds Featured:


    January - Japanese Chin: Elegance and charm, just like the Chin, embrace the fresh start of January.
  • February -  Shih Tzu: Love and charm define February, mirroring the affectionate Shih Tzu.
  • March - Australian Shepherd: March brings adventures, and the loyal Australian Shepherd is always up for one.
  • April - Labradoodle: Outgoing and fun-loving Labradoodles match April's spirit
  • May - Corgi: May's playfulness matches the energetic Corgi.
  • June - Poodle: Smart and alert like June, Poodles are always in style.
  • July - German Shorthaired Pointer: July's energy and enthusiasm resemble the Pointer's fireworks.
  • August - Basset Hound: Easygoing Basset Hounds are perfect for lazy August afternoons.
  • September - Australian Cattle Dog: September's vibrancy mirrors the spirited Cattle Dog.
  • October - Bulldog: Calm and determined, Bulldogs match October's steadiness.
  • November - Dachshund: Clever and determined, Dachshunds chase treats like November's chill.
  • December -Husky: Huskies embrace December's chill and joyfully howl at the moon.

Embrace a year filled with the heartwarming presence of our furry companions. Our 2024 Stained Glass Mosaic Dog Calendar is not just a calendar; it's a celebration of the love and companionship that dogs bring into our lives. Order yours today and let the good times roll with your canine friends! 🐾
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